At Premier Integrative Health, we work for you, not the insurance company. We are able to spend the time needed to evaluate all aspects of your life and partner with you to achieve optimal health. The best investment you can make in life is health and our job is to help you get the best return on your investment. Click here to see comparisons.



  • $150 non fundable initiation fee
  • $1675 for initial 6 month membership (can be paid in monthly installments).
    • Fee is discounted to $1500 if 6 months paid up front
  • $175 per month after initial 6 months
  • Option to transition to fee for service at $300 per hour after initial 6 month commitment. Health coaching and membership benefits not included.


  • $1000 per first 6 months
  • $125 per month after initial 6 months
  • Option to transition to fee for service at $300 per hour after initial 6 month commitment. Health coaching and membership benefits not included.

Membership Includes

Includes a personalized health plan that assess and addresses the whole body including core systems such as neuroendocrine function (adrenal, thyroid, hormone and neurological function), gastrointestinal function, detoxification, metabolic function, energy, micronutrient status and more. Your health is dynamic and your treatment plan will be too. Dr. Dyer will be your teacher and partner on your path to optimal health for as long as you need our services. Visits can be in person, phone, virtual or you can always ask a question through our secure patient portal.
Includes a personalized wellness plan that address core aspects of health including sleep hygiene, stress management, setting SMART goals, exercise, mindfulness and building healthy relationships. This includes using advanced techniques such as HeartMath. The long lasting benefits of addressing these lifestyle factors cannot be overstated. This makes your health coach an integral part of your team at Premier Integrative Health.
Includes a customized nutrition plan that is based off your personal needs, goals and lab values. Your initial consultation is included in the membership and follow up visits are only $40 per hour compared to $120 per hour non member rate.

In addition to your clinical visits our membership also provides numerous other benefits including:

  • Discounts on yoga at both Kansas City Yoga Center locations.
  • 40% off high quality massage from our in house massage therapist.
  • 30% off group classes and 15% of personal training at CORE Strong Fitness
  • 10% off Professional Grade Supplements plus periodic promotions
  • Unlimited Use of InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis Device, valued at $40 per use
  • Free or Discounted Community Events and Educational Programs
  • Discounted Meal Preparations
  • Unlimited Emails, Virtual Visits, Clinic Events, InBody BIA Analysis
  • Priority Access to IV Nutritional Therapy (coming soon)

*Please note: The membership does not include laboratory testing or medical grade supplements.

Benefits of the Membership Model over Hourly Rate (fee for service).

With the “fee for service” model, patients are often reluctant to follow up or fully utilize the practice out of concern for the increasing cost with each visit. This dramatically reduces the success of a functional, medicine-based approach that often calls for sustained diet and lifestyle modification. With the membership model, the medical fees are pre-established. This allows you the freedom to work with your doctor and wellness staff as much as you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.

For the cost of an initial visit and 1-2 follow ups at a standard “fee for service” functional medicine practice, you can have 6 months of unlimited access at Premier Integrative Health!