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We Help Our Patients Get To The Root Cause Of Their Health Concerns And Feel Amazing Using A Personalized, Functional Medicine Approach
Did You Know?
It may surprise you that 1 in 2 people in America has been diagnosed with at least one chronic disease.
Many people suffer silently for years with preventable and reversible conditions such as autoimmune disease, diabetes, heart disease and digestive disorders such as IBS, colitis, SIBO, and reflux.
This doesn't even include the people who suffer from things like fatigue, brain fog, and inability to lose weight who have yet to be given a diagnosis.
It may also surprise you that just simply getting a diagnosis really does nothing to help you understand the underlying cause of your dis-ease or dysfunction. It typically just leads to prescription medications that mostly treat the symptoms and commonly lead to their own set of side effects.
At Premier Integrative Health, our focus is to help you create health rather than treat a specific diagnosis. When you put the focus on creating health rather than treating disease, all aspects of your life will improve!
Meet Brad Dyer, DO
Dr. Dyer is passionate about helping his patients understand the power they possess to influence their health and change their life. He is a board certified Internal Medicine physician with additional training in psychiatry, integrative medicine, and functional medicine. He was initially trained as a hospitalist physician but now spends most of his time working in his functional medicine practice. He and his team have helped hundreds of patients prevent an even reverse chronic disease, get off prescription medications, and achieve extraordinary levels of health. 
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