It is my mission in life to improve the lives of others on this planet. As a doctor, I generally do that by improving ones health. As a functional and integrative medicine doctor, that means doing so in the most natural way possible. I have many ways to help you improve your health but today I want to tell you about a way that is beautifully simple and has been a game changer for me, my friends, my family, and the patients in my practice. I am referring to a miraculous herb called ganoderma (also known as reishi mushroom). 

Ganoderma has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for its many health promoting properties and was once reserved only for the royal family. In the Chinese pharmacopoeia, ganoderma is considered to be one of the highest ranking of all herbs and for good reason.  Ganoderma has been proven to promote natural energy, improve focus and concentration, lower inflammation, allow the body to better handle stress, balance the immune system, improve liver and kidney function, is a powerful antioxidant, and so much more. If you are interested,  I will have more info on the health benefits of this treasured herb including a short video near the bottom of this article. 

What if I told you you can get all of these health benefits simply by switching to a healthier coffee or tea, would you be interested in trying it?   I was, and I am very glad I did! As a natural medicine doctor, I experiment with a lot of supplements and natural compounds and more often than not I do not notice an immediate effect even on the compounds I know are benefiting my body. That was not the case with this coffee! After my first cup I noticed an improvement in energy, focus and overall sense of calm. This was also true for my patients who reported many additional benefits as well.  And for those that didn’t notice benefits after a cup or two,  almost everyone felt a difference after drinking the coffee or tea for a month.

In addition to it’s many health benefits, these coffees and teas are extremely easy to consume! Each coffee, mocha, latte or green/red tea comes in individual sachets that are easily portable. All you need is hot (or cold) water to have a delicious, health promoting beverage. No coffee machine, no cleaning up coffee grounds etc. The company also has a pretty cool way they recycle the sachets. I never go anywhere anymore without my treasured ganoderma coffee. I drink it in my clinic, when rounding in the hospital, on airplanes, in hotel rooms, camping or any where!

I have many patients in my clinic that could not tolerate coffee because it made them feel jittery. Almost all of them could tolerate this coffee as the ganoderma in the coffee is a potent stimulator of the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. I also had many patients who could not tolerate coffee due to reflux however ganoderma has a very high pH which balances the acidity of the coffee beans.

Here is an interesting fact, the DNA of a mushroom is more similar to humans than plants. Crazy concept right!? This makes mushrooms so much different than other plant based medicines. Mushrooms have an innate since of intelligence to them that other plant compounds do not. This is why they improve human health in so many different ways. They have a way of knowing what each person needs and that’s what they do. It’s like a software upgrade for the human body. Isn’t mother nature awesome!!

So are you ready to give these coffees and teas a try? I truly hope so because as I said in my opening comments my mission is to improve the lives of others on this planet and that includes you! 

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Another aspect I love about Organo coffee and tea is that it has become a tool to help me improve others financial quality of life as well. Yes, financial. Organo provides an opportunity to have a home based business where you can earn residual income simply by sharing these amazing beverages. If you would like more info on how you can join our growing team of entrepreneurs changing the world one cup at a time send an email to

As promised, I will dive into the science on what makes ganoderma so special. In the video below world renowned  nutritionist and health professional Dr. Bob Rakowski will review some of the published literature on this amazing herb. 

If you would like to learn a little more about the history of ganoderma and what makes Organo ganoderma so special watch this short video 

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